Men cosmetic products from Japan

Since our concept is a real men store, meaning that every man can find anything for himself. It can be sporting goods, car accessories, or apparel. But we also think that personal care is an

Products made in Japan

From the very first day of existence, we follow the goal to supply the most exclusive products you can find in Japan. Following the philosophy "everything men needs" we select high-quality brands from every region

Honda apparel collection and Descente Japan

Honda motor corporation created a special collection with Premium Japanese Wear Brand - Descente. Descente is well known for their technology, innovations and design. Among the collection, you may find Jackets and T-Shirts. More Descente items

Precision Like a Watch

Honda S800 appeared as a compilation of the S series in the 1960s. It is the engine called "precision like a watch" that characterises its performance and reliability. The DOHC 4-cylinder, with its passion for

Leather bowtie by Roberu

Unique bowtie of Lexus LC leather which combines quality and casualness. "The bow tie to casual with formal image" as the theme, which is fabricated using the seat leather of the flagship coupe that symbolises the

Datsun 240z

#Nissan S30 better known as #Datsun 240z introduced in Japan under the name #Fairlady Z in the 70s. That was a #revolution @nissan made in the global market. Two-seater #sportcar which is changed the history of the company and placed it on a new consumer

Daytona Brake Pads for Motorcycles

There are five types of motorcycle brake pads are presented in Daytona's line up. They all have its purpose, and braking characteristics focused on improving your driving experience and provide safety in any situation. GOLDEN Pads This type

New Audi A8 introduced at Audi summit 2017

This year it's all about new A8. Audi introduced an absolutely reborn version of the car: "It’s another step towards our future vision of piloted driving". it is positioned as the car for a living

World first commercial navigation system by Honda

The world first map-type navigation system installed to the cars was introduced by Honda in 1981. Development started in mid 70s. Although there is no electronic maps existing on the market as well as GPS,