Subaru Golf Ball Titleist PRO V1

$ 25.38

Comes as a set of 3pcs.

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Soft feel and excellent performance. SUBARU original design.
A Titleist golf ball with many top contract professionals and trusted by golfers around the world. This is an original design that features a six-star SUBARU logo and a SUBARU GOLF logo on the PRO V1 featuring a soft, highly uniform core.

High flight distance performance
Employs a soft, highly uniform ZG process core created by a unique core manufacturing process. The synergistic effect with the highly resilient ionomeric case layer reduces the amount of extra backspin from the driver with a long iron shot. In addition, the original innovative 352 dimple design realizes a low strong medium trajectory and promotes run after landing. It demonstrates high flight distance performance.

Softer feel at every shot
Improved soft feel with a reputation. The softer urethane elastomer cover enables a very soft feel on every shot compared to the previous model.

Excellent durability
The unique cover formulation and paint system provide excellent durability.

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